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The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains of Hemp.

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What is the difference between Cannabis Indica and Sativa and how do they affect the body?

Hemp is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant.  Known as ‘industrial hemp, Sativa has been grown for many years for its fibre which is used in the clothing industry, beauty products and cooking. In our business, it is grown specifically for its high content of CBD with low THC.

Indica is a strain of the Sativa plant. Whether they are separate species has been at the root of much debate according to Wikipedia. Sativa strains of Cannabis have very different effects on the brain which is why we give our customers a choice of which strain is the right one for them.

Each of the different plants has their own individual characteristics. The Sativa plant grows tall with thin stems and long thin leaves which are a light green colour. These plants are generally found in Asia, being suited for growth in warmer climates.

Cannabis Indica Vs Cannabis Sativa

The Indica plant grows short and strong with fatter, darker leaves and originated from Hindu Kush in Northern Pakistan. It is suited to being grown in a climate where the temperature can change severely from day to night.

The Indica strains are now widely grown at legal cannabis farms in Northern California. The plants have adapted well to the similar climate. The growers have developed hybrid strains with different percentages of Indica and Sativa, so users can achieve the effects of both plants. These hybrids also have characteristics which have become of interest to the medical profession.

Only Sativa strains are approved.


Ampura’s CBD oil is available with both strains making them suitable for either day or evening use. The psychoactive component, THC has been all but removed leaving just a .2%. so they do not create a ‘high’ but do have the terpenes present with their different effects on the user.

Read more about the terpenes used in our oils here.

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  1. John Wilson says:

    It works always, last month my family relative has anxiety issue, he suffered a lot, then he started using cbd oil and medibles by edibles. It starts working within a week. It could be a great medicine if legalized in all countries. But only in a good manner instead of addiction.

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