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Ampura CBD Oil For Sleep with Indica terpenes and full spectrum CBD come in three different strengths 250mg (2.5%) 500mg (5%) & 1000mg (10%)

Comes with a handy dropper in a 10ml bottle which is easy to store will fit easily into a pocket or bag and you can easily deliver a controlled amount of Cbd oil at any time.

This product should be taken at night around half an hour before you intend to go to sleep. Higher in Myrcene than the day version, the oil gives a calming effect which has a large body of evidence suggesting that it may aid sleep and insomnia. Read some of the reviews on this page for more information on that.

We recommend putting 2-3 drops under your tongue when you go to bed and holding it there for a minute or so. You can always chase it down with a small glass of water or milk.

Can CBD Help With Insomnia?

There is a large amount of research which supports the idea that CBD can help with insomnia. Clearly, there is more scientific research to be done on the whole area but CBD has been shown to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Read more about this here
Our CBD Oil For Sleep comes with a handy dropper, just be careful not to administer too much and keep an eye on the contents of the dropper tube before you squeeze!

CBD To Help You Sleep

Indica terpenes can be great for night-time use. Indica in this form has a similar effect to a gentle sedative, good for relaxation or trying to sleep.

Read more about CBD Oil For insomnia and different types of terpenes present in our products here.

The Best CBD Oil For Sleep

There are many types of oil on the market but we have been selling this product and it gets nothing but 5* reviews every time. This is Ampura’s best selling product on the website and we have sold thousands of bottles around the UK and Europe. Just place a few drops of oil under your tongue and the gentle effects of our Indica terpenes will relax you. This is not a harsh sleeping pill type product and it will not get you high. It gives you the couching effect of the indica terpene with the gentle relaxing effects of CBD to send you off without the nasty after effects.

Additional information

Additional information


1000mg – 10%, 250mg – 2.5%, 500mg – 5%

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for CBD Oil For Sleep – Indica Terpenes

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    Struggled to sleep consistently all my life, a few drops of this and i am fast asleep. Great product would definately recommend

    • Gareth Yardley

      Thank you, Ben, for your kind review, We are always happy to hear such great news and that our products have been such a help to you.

  2. Chris Webster

    This Indica oil has helped with my anxiety and also my IBS.
    I would recommend this product without hesitation. Thanks Ampura another great product.

    • Gareth Yardley

      Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to review our product. We are so glad that you have found our CBD oil to be of much use to you we all wish you the best for the future.

  3. Karen Burns (verified owner)

    I use this during the day, as it seems to work better for me than the daytime one. I have Parkinson’s and had real difficulty walking and balancing. After just one dose I could walk quite easily and stand unaided. My tremor has stopped and my tight, painful muscles are much looser and pain free.

    It’s a truly wonderful product, and I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you!

    • Gareth Yardley

      Hi Karen, Thank you for leaving such a lovely review, As you know my mother has Parkinson’s and that is why I set out to learn all I could about CBD. We wish you all the best for the future and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Dave wharmby

    I’ve worked nights now for 13 years and the last few years I’ve had trouble sleeping post nights. Waking up feeling dog rough. A friend of mine suggested cbd oil. At first, I was a little sceptical but after trying ampura Cbd I’m a changed man. Falling asleep relaxed, having a full 6-7 hrs undisturbed and waking up fresh. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

    • Gareth Yardley

      Thank you so much for the review Dave, Its great to hear when people have such a huge success with our products!

  5. April lister

    I use these drops on a night about half an hour before I go to bed, after suffering from really bad insomnia and night terrors I thought I’d give them a try.
    It’s the best decision I made I now sleep 7+ hours per night with NO terrors I repeat NO terrors.
    Highly recommend thankyou ampura for giving me my sleep back!

    • Ampura

      That’s really lovely to hear April – thank you so much for leaving such a positive review!

  6. Gillian lister

    After a few years of interrupted sleep, I tried these oils with success I now sleep a full 8hrs.
    Would highly recommend this product for sleepless nights.

    • Gareth Yardley

      Thank you, Gillian, for your kind review.
      Glad you are having some proper sleep now.

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