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Ampura Sponsors Thai Boxing’s Jodie Clunan – Read Her Story!

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We are proud to announce that Jodie Clunan Professional Thai Fighter is now sponsored by Ampura CBD. Jodie is #5 Professional British Thai Boxing Contender.

Far from the average Thai Boxer Jodie also has the most amazing story to tell! Professional Thai boxer, CrossFit Competitor & Nutritionist – and all this in under 4 years!

To achieve all of this she lost an incredible 8 stone to reach her goal, and she’s not finished yet! This year Jodie has some tough fights lined up to achieve her goal of being #1 Thai Boxing champion in the UK. Ampura will be documenting her journey along the way. Ampura products have become part of her tough training regime and she’s is dying to tell everyone about it.

We had a chance to catch up with Jodie last week:

“I’ve just turned 28, but my lifestyle now compared to 5 years ago is a whole different story! Back then I weighed 106kg, was severely overweight and unfit. I walked through the doors of PTB Academy and Dockside Fitness Liverpool to my coach Kru James O’Brien. From that day I’ve never looked back. Since then I have lost a total of 47kg. I’ve had 10 professional fights, some of which have already been on the biggest stages in the UK, with my next 3 fights already secured for 2019 keeping me busy!

I am also lucky enough to train once a week at the world famous Sitsiam Camp. This is under the expert tuition of Ajarn Tony Moore. As part of this, I also help his camp. I also take part in regular demonstrations of the Thai martial arts at events and festivals all over the North West!

Jodie Clunan Fatter Days

Jodie Clunan – 8 Stones Lighter!

Aside from all of this, I train in CrossFit in Dockside Fitness as part of my coaches strength and conditioning programme. For me, that goes hand in hand with my fighting and I manage to keep up with some of the top athletes around the world! I’ve gone from fat though fit, to professional Thai boxer in just 5 years!

Along the way, I also gained my diploma in sports and exercise nutrition. Now I provide nutrition plans to anyone struggling to lose weight in a sustainable and safe way. I specialise in fighters, planning to help them avoid cutting water weight. I have also helped people who have never stepped foot in a gym lose stones and become the people they always wanted to be! I coach 3 junior Thai boxing classes a week and teach ladies fitness so between all of that, my own training and working 12 hour days it’s fair to say I’m constantly on the go!

I wouldn’t change it for the world I’ve never been happier! I’m facing a tough opponent, Katie Rand who most recently secured her 7th professional win on MTGP against a very good opponent. I train hard for every fight regardless of my opponent and I am more than ready for it. It is less than 3 weeks until fight night on the 11th May on ‘The Rise of the Machines’ event in Liverpool. It will make for a very interesting fight!

Jodie Clunan on the road to success!

On The Road To Success!

As a European Crossfit competitor Jodie came 4th in Europe last year for the ‘My Garage’ CrossFit division! That’s what dedication brings!

Jodie added:

“I am so happy to have Ampura on board as my official sponsors. Their support has been amazing and their products are helping me get the sleep and recovery I clearly need!

It’s amazing to have such a unique and dedicated sports person working alongside Ampura and we will be documenting Jodie’s journey. She has more fights lined up but we can’t reveal the details of all the events yet!. We announce them as they fall into the calendar!

If you are thinking of losing weight and doing some training then pop along to PTB Academy and Dockside Fitness Liverpool. Say Hi and let Jodie help you to turn you into the new you!

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Photos by kind permission of Jodie Clunan