About Ampura LTD

Ampura CBD Products LogoAmpura Ltd was formally known as CBDclub Ltd but we have now changed it to a more suitable name which more conveys the wider range of products which we sell. Our purpose is to promote the new name as the brand for all of our products.

We welcome everyone who has an interest in using CBD oils. We also have a Facebook group CBDClub with over 1500 active members who are all willing to tell their story about how CBD has influenced their lives. I decided through my own personal experience that people needed to know how CBD can help, there is much anecdotal evidence on the internet regarding how using it has changed peoples lives.

As a new member if you have any questions please ask within the group or email us from this site. Nearly always someone has had a similar experience and will get back to you.

Meet The Team

Ian Carr – Distribution Director

Ian handles the packaging and distribution of the Ampura products.

Nigel Carr – Marketing Director

Nigel is a digital marketing wizard and runs his SEO Agency Carousel Projects. He is responsible for all things web, including site development and SEO.

Ampura LTD is registered in the UK with company number: 04594030

12 Princess Street, Knutsford, England, WA16 6DD

Please note that this is our registered office address. We do not sell from a store and so do not sell directly from this address.